About Us

Ayurveda is a ‘Holistic Science’ and lays a great emphasis on taking man’s psychosomatic constitution as a whole in solving various problems of health and disease. As we all know, the basic principle of“Ayurveda” is to preserve and promote physical and mental fitness of an individual to live a meaningful life. 

In Ayurveda, there are more than 16000 different combinations of various herbs to cure different diseases. Ayurvedic medicines are considered to be safe and having the least/no side effects (without any negative approach) even with usage of “Bhasmas” in the formulations. On the other hand herbal medicines do not produce any side effects even when taken in high doses. 

 Identifying these lacunae in healthcare & visualizing the main causes of the falling popularity of Ayurveda,  Our business entrepreneur having three decades of pharmaceutical selling experience   "IN PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE" in Ayurveda pharma market,started out AILVIL a privately owned company,in 2017 and has pursued his quest for broadening horizons. We have gained widespread acceptance with medical profession and chemists. We are gaining momentum, in our tryst with destiny in Ayurveda pharma market.

ALVIL has decided to take upon itself the responsibility of rebuilding the popularity of Ayurveda brick-by-brick and to re-establish Ayurveda as a major system of medicine in India competent to take care of Indian masses effectively, economically and without the side effects common to the system of modern medicine. This promises to be an uphill task that can however be achieved with a great level of commitment & zeal. 

Ailvil has ambitiously forayed into the herbal venture with the vision of extending the noble medicinal values of herbal treasures globally for the treatment of critical ailments using modern formulatory principles

The products are being promoted ethically and have been well accepted by the medical fraternity in all the territories launched so far.  Ailvil will have an all India presence and the products will be made available.  Consistent quality, Commitment fulfillments and Bussiness Ethics are the three pillars of this most successful organization.  Ever since our inception we are engaged in popularizing our Exclusive range of our distinguished result oriented Quality Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicines through our own dedicated Field Force functioning on the Principles of Payment Against Performance.  Our presence is notable amongst the Ayurvedic Ethically promoting companies.


Our Vision

Our vision is to address every endeavour towards providing high therapeutic values in Herbal medicines and contribute to better healthcare and life in people.


 Our Mission

We will continue our sustained determination to amalgamate professionalism & ethics with relentless commitment, towards being "A FORCE TO RECKON WITH", in the Ayurveda Pharma Market by 2020.